August love letter

August Love!!

Hi Soul Friends,

August is here, and it's going to be a quiet one for us Light, Love, and Miracle gals. Between all of us we're away most of August! Which is beautiful all in itself!

Family vacations, and enjoying the sunshine is what this month is all about.

👉🏻Monday August 14th from 7-8pm $20
Meditation and chat with Stacy

💫Let's kick the month off with some meditations and talk, to keep that positivity and happiness going for you. So many of you have loved learning about the art of manifesting and understanding how important YOU and YOUR thoughts are. Kudos to you and rock on with the momentum of happiness!! Now let's chat about it! Learn about the law of attraction and how important it is for you. Come meditate and listen for a bit of life changing ways to shift your awareness.

👉🏻Sunday August 27th from 9:30-10am $5
Meditation with Dana

💫Bring your kids to meditation day!! Adults and kids ages 5 and older, that can hang through a 15 minute guided meditation, are welcome to kick off the new school year. Let's come rejuvenate, refresh and prepare for Mondays start of the school year together.

We love having you with us, and want you to know how grateful we are for each and everyone of you! Remember we are here for you, and you can always email us, Facebook or Instagram message us, anytime for any insight.

The month of September will be back to our normal routine, until then read along and enjoy the rest of summer! ☀️❤️🤗

What happens when life throws you some pretty hard lemons? 🍋🍋🍋

Do you make lemonade?

I've had some pretty intense conversations this week, with real life stories happening. All different topics, with real life people handling them the best way they can and know how.

The common theme for them all is, what's going to give? How's the cycle and the pattern going to break if your actions and reactions aren't willing to change yet?

How would life look right now if you knew in this very moment that the universe, God, whoever you put your faith into, is working in a way to awaken you and lead you to a better way of living? He's nonchalantly removing all that no longer serves you and is slowly replacing it with what you desire.

I feel relief, faith, and trust when I think of someone far bigger than me, supporting me. I feel guided and know that's a force I can rely on when I feel myself slipping back into my old ways.

👉🏻That power is your saving grace, it's your prayer, it's your helpline and it's the force you need to let take over.👈🏻

The experiences that get thrown our way that involve other people's actions, is sometimes truly out of our control, kinda. Can we really understand the concept of our thoughts manifesting our life. That subconsciously everything that is happening is what we've chosen to make our lives brighter and better, but only if we choose to see it that way. Like the situation where deep down want out, a different way, and then some way or another it happens. It may not be how you thought, and as time goes by you realize it was exactly what you needed.

✨We sink into these patterns of unhappiness and abruptly wake up one day to think, how did this happen? How did I get to this?✨

We forget that we always had a chance to change, even when it's the scariest and hardest choice of our lives, we have chosen the easy way, the comfortable way, until we're forced to chose uncomfortable.

Things either hit the fan or your fed up with the way life is going, that something has to give, and you realize it's you.

🌟We have to give a damn to change. We have to be so fed up with the crap we've been putting up with to finally take a stand for a life that we want. A life that we're HAPPY in. 🌟

We have to give up the excuses, the stories, the justifications, and everything else that comes with our unhappiness and choose the real, made from scratch lemonade. Not the fake store kind, hiding behind the ingredients lemonade, ya know the one that puts on a good front, we want the REAL authentic deal with no added preservatives.

👉🏻That's where all the hard work happens. Squeezing those lemons and taking the time to get back to basics, it's worth it on so many levels, and the main level is the foundation of yourself.👈🏻

It's worth the blood, sweat and tears because it's cracking you open to be the person your excited to be, even on your darkest days. It's allowing you to be free and brave and courageous. It's allowing you to be real and raw. These changes are what your soul needs.

So when life hands you some lemons. Look in the mirror and decide if your willing to put down the artificial kind and make your own homemade lemonade, and own your story. Own what you want, own who you are and allow yourself to be real.

Forget all the preservatives that we think we need in order to sustain and get back to the authentic basics. You and your thoughts, that's where you begin. Feel the pain, honor the emotions, look in the mirror, love and forgive yourself. No one matters more than you.

✨Find your faith, affirm your way through the day, and remember uncomfortable gets your comfortable.✨