A sneak peak of Mondays event....

Give more gratitude, give more love, give more laughter, give more positivity, give more of what you want more of in your life.

Last night we took a night swim in the pool and it was in those moments of laughter, and joy that I realized I don't play enough.

I sit on the sidelines watching the fun and enjoying the view but not everyday am I in the action, and it's my own fault.

I gave more, I went in, didn't worry about a thing, and it felt so goood. To be fully present, fully engaged and full of gratitude for these little souls that teach me everyday.

🌟Give more, it feels so good. When you want a change from someone in your life; most times it's a direct reflection of what your holding back, give them more of what YOU want.🌟

🔅When you give it is the LAW that it WILL come back, in divine timing.🔅

❤️Be who and what you want in your life, play, laugh, love, be more positive, give more gratitude and love!❤️ 


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